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Comodo Code Signing Certificate verifies your identity and ensures that the code has not been tampered with or changed since it was signed. Code Signing Certificate is a must to counter all strains of malware. With Code Signing Certificate from Comodo, you can ensure a secure delivery of content to your clients. Comodo Code Signing Certificate makes your code safe and trustworthy to customers just like shrink wrapped software from a store shelf.

Digital Signatures

A code signing certificate is a file that contains the digital signature. Digital signatures in Code Signing Certificates are used to verify the identity of the creator of the content. This digital signature is used to sign scripts and executables- enables software developers to include information about themselves and their code with the software.

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Digital Signatures provides assurance regarding an organization's identity and legitimacy, much like a business license. Digital Signatures from Comodo are designed to represent the level of assurance provided today by retail channels for software.

Digital signatures in Comodo Code Signing Certificate help users to trust your software. These digital signatures enable customers to identify the author of digitally signed code and contact them should an issue or query arise.

Types of Codes

Software developers can sign many different types of codes. Code Signing Certificates with digital signatures allow publishes to sign .exe, .cab, .dll, and .ocx files; Java Applets and MIDlets; Microsoft Office documents with macros; and Apple desktop applications (using an Apple code signing certificate), Microsoft Office VBA objects and macros (using a VBA code signing certificate), .jar files (using a Java code signing certificate), .air or .airi files (using an Adobe AIR certificate), and Windows Vista drivers and other kernel-mode software (using a Vista code certificate).

In reality, a code signing certificate can sign almost all types of code as long as you convert the certificate to the correct format first.

Software developers and publishers who want to publish and distribute their code and content over internet require Code Signing Certificate. To counter the chances of tampering and impersonation Comodo Code Signing Certificate is an ideal security solution. The code and content published by software developers, software publishing companies / organizations and software developers are in constant threat being tempered, altered, corrupted or changed. Comodo Code Signing Certificate offers guaranteed protection against all these risks.

A certificate for code signing needs to be signed by a trusted certification authority so that the operating system knows that your identity has been validated. Comodo Code Signing Certificate ensures end users sure that the code they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property. With Comodo Code Signing Certificate you can assure your customers and website users that your code and content is safe to download and it has not be altered since it ahs been signed. When customers download software signed with a Code Signing Certificate issued by Comodo Certificate Authority, they can be assured of integrity and authenticity of content and the content creator. Comodo Code Signing Certificate can:

  • Verify identity of content creator
  • Confirms integrity of content
  • Authenticate code’s source
  • Assures safety of content
  • Confirms content has not been altered or corrupted

Code Signing Process is seamless and transparent. Comodo Code Signing involves these 6 key steps.

Step 1: Make Sure You Run the Correct Versions of all Tools:

These include:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
  • Internet Client SDK

Step 2: Apply for a Code Signing ID for Authenticode from Comodo

Your browser will generate a private key (called MyPrivateKey.pvk). You must securely store this private key. Please make a back-up copy of this private key, as you will need this key to sign code.

Step 3: Pick up your Digital ID

After the completion of application process Comodo will do some background checking to verify your identity. As a result, it will take approximately 3-5 days to verify your information and issue a Digital ID.

Once done with verification Comodo will send you an e-mail containing a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Follow the instructions in this e-mail to pick up your Digital ID. Save your Digital ID as a file (e.g. MyCredentials.spc).

Please note that you must use the same machine to apply for and obtain your Digital ID. You can then use the private key and Digital ID to sign files on a different machine.

Step 4: Prepare your Files to be Signed

You need to prepare your files to be signed according to Comodo’s criteria.

Step 5. Sign your Files

After your files are prepared you can now sign your .exe, or .cab, .ocx, or .dll files. To sign, you will use the SIGNCODE.EXE utility included in the ActiveX SDK. You will also need your Digital ID file (generally called MyCredentials.spc) and the diskette containing your private key (MyPrivateKey.pvk).

Step 6: Test Your Signature

The Microsoft SDK contains a utility called chktrust.exe. This may be used to check your signature before distributing your file.

To test a signed .exe, .dll or .ocx file, run chktrust filename To test a signed cab file, run chktrust -c

If your code signing process was OK, this will bring up a digital certificate. When this file is downloaded from a Web site by Internet Explorer, it will display the same certificate to the user. If the file is tampered with in any way after it has been signed, the user will be notified and given the option of refusing installation.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate is widely used by software publishers and software developers / organizations to protect software that is distributed over the Internet.

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