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Comodo Multi Domain Certificate enables you to secure multiple domains on the same server with one SSL certificate. MDC or Multi Domain Certificate helps you save time and money by using one SSL certificate to secure several domains.

With 128 bits to 256 bits encryptions MDC offers highest levels of security over multiple domains with just one certificate. Multi Domain Certificate (MDC) is an ideal pick for organizations and business enterprises having multiple unique domains hosted on a single server.

1 Yr.
RRP $330.00
2 Yr.
RRP $607.20
3 Yr.
RRP $811.80

Multi Domain saves your business time and monetary resources and takes your single domain security a step further. Instead of purchasing multiple SSL certificates you can just implement one MDC and provide trust and security over multiple domains. This will save your monetary resources on one hand and saves you from hassle of managing multiple certificates and encryptions.

Comodo Multi Domain Certificate is considered as one of the most cost effective SSL solutions to secure multiple domains on your shared hosting environment with a single SSL certificate. You can secure up-to 100 unique domains on the same server with MDC – Multi Domain Certificate.

Multi Domain Certificate is trusted by over 99.3% of current internet population. It is supported by most mobile devices, browsers and servers which make MDC a highly compatible SSL certificate. The 2048 bits CSR encryption makes Multi Domain Certificate an industry standard SSL certificate.

Consolidate your SSL management process by purchasing a single Multi Domain Certificate that can provide trust and security to all your domains on a single server. Get your MDC from the most trusted Certification Authority Comodo and get a cost effective SSL solution to secure information and transactions on multiple domains. is Platinum Partner with Comodo– a highly recognized SSL Certification Authority. Comodo SSL certificates are highly trusted in industry as they offer industry standard encryptions to ensure optimum level security. is an authorized dealer for selling and renewing of all Multi Domain Certificates from Comodo. We provide you quick and trustworthy issuance and renewal of all Comodo SSL Certificates that you have bought from us or any other reseller or even directly from the vendor -Comodo.

The support team of offers highest level of technical assistance 24/7. Our Comodo Multi Domain comes with a 30 days Money back guarantee. Our online email validation system saves you from hassle of paper work, offering an efficient and swift SSL solution.

Primary Features:

Brand (Certification Authority) Comodo
Validation Type Full Business Validation
Domains Secured Multiple Domains
Assurance High
Mobile Support Most Devices & Iphones
Refund 30 Days

Technical Features:

Encryption SSL 128 bits - 256 bits
Key Length 2048 Bits
Browser Compatibility 99.3 %
Site Seal Type No
Green Bar No
Issuance Time Up-to 1 Week
Installation Time 60 Seconds
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