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Comodo Unified Communication Certificate is a new type of SSL certificate that is developed to use with Microsoft exchange 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications server 2007 products.Unified Communication Certificate is also referred as UC Certificate or Exchange SSL Certificate.

Unified Communication Certificates provide much advanced security options than standard SSL and wildcard SSL certificates. With a UC Certificate you can secure many different domains.

1 Yr.
RRP $285.00
2 Yr.
RRP $525.00
3 Yr.
RRP $705.00

A single Unified Communication Certificate or Exchange SSL Certificate can provide security on both internal networks names and external domain names. This unmatched feature differentiates UC Certificate from all other SSL certificates. SAN or Subject Alternative Name field is provided in Unified Communication Certificate. The provision of SAN field allows you to enter any number of different domain names or common names can be entered enabling the certificate to work on any of the included domain names. These domain names can be both internal and external.

For example, with a single UC SSL you can secure all of the following:


Apart from providing highest level of SSL support to Exchange 2007 (and greater), Office Communications Server 2007 and Live Communications Server 2005, UC Certificate also supports various features for these applications which are not supported by any other traditional SSL Certificate.

Even if you are not using Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007, you can still use Unified Communications SSL Certificate to secure your multiple domains and sub-domains.

Unified Communication Certificate from Comodo is the most cost effective SSL solution for securing multiple internal and external domain names. It saves you from hassle of buying and managing multiple SSL certificates. In addition you won’t require multiple IP addresses for multiple SSL certificates as all your domains will be secured with one single UC Certificate. With UC Certificate you can curtail your business security costs. Unified Communication Certificate also reduces administration complexities by providing you a consolidated management SSL solution for securing multiple domain names.

Comodo’s UC is a full organization validated SSL certificate. UC SSL Certificate is trusted by over 99% of email clients and internet users. It has the highest compatibility rate in industry and is supported by 99.9% of current browsers available in the industry. This makes UC a highly compatible SSL certificate.

Get Comodo’s Unified Communication Certificate and simplify the management and administration of your Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007 environments.

Primary Features:

Brand (Certification Authority) Comodo
Validation Type Organization Validation
Domains Secured Multiple Domains (Internal & External)
Assurance High
Mobile Support Newer Devices
Refund 30 Days

Technical Features:

Encryption SSL Up-to 256 bits
Key Length 2048 Bits
Browser Compatibility 99.9 %
Site Seal Type Highly Visible Site Seal
Green Bar No
Issuance Time 5 – 15 Minutes
Installation Time 60 Seconds
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