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The advancements in online distribution industry have facilitated developers and web builders to create fun and functional codes. These codes can be created anywhere and everywhere with ease. Resultantly the possibilities for fraud and the spread of malicious code are greater than ever before.

Thawte Code Signing Certificate is an ultimate solution to counter all strains of malware. With Code Signing Certificate from Thawte, you can ensure a secure delivery of content to your clients. Thawte Code Signing Certificate makes your code safe and trustworthy to customers just like shrink wrapped software from a store shelf.

You can assure your customers and website users that your code and content is safe to download, when you get your Code Signing Certificate from Thawte – the most trusted Certification Authority. In order to verify the identity of the creator of the content, digital signatures are mostly used by Code Signing Certificates. Code Signing Certificates with digital signatures allow publishes to sign .exe, .cab, .dll, and .ocx files; Java Applets and MIDlets; Microsoft Office documents with macros; and Apple desktop applications.

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Protecting your business reputation is very important especially when you have an online business website. Thawte Code Signing Certificate plays a vital role in establishing your online credibility. With Thawte Code Signing Certificate you can effectively secure and protect your online reputation. Thawte Code Signing Certificate can:

  • Verify identity of content creator
  • Confirms integrity of content
  • Authenticate code’s source
  • Assures safety of content
  • Confirms content has not been altered or corrupted

A software publisher must meet certain criteria in order to obtain a Code Signing Certificate from Thawte. For both commercial and individual publishing certificates, the software publisher need to submit under mentioned credentials to be eligible for Thawte Code Signing Certificate. The credential can be submitted to either a Certification Authority (CA) or a Local Registration Authority (LRA).

Thawte authority declares that it does not certify the content of a software publisher’s code. Code signing certificates are only used to verify the publisher who signed the content and that the content has not been altered or corrupted.

Thawte® Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft® Authenticode® (Multi-Purpose) offers maximum flexibility with a single certificate to sign code developed on multiple platforms. Microsoft has proposed certain criteria for obtaining Thawte Code Signing Certificate. However, these criteria are being reviewed by standard bodies, such as W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). So these criteria by Microsoft are subject to change.

Microsoft® Authenticode® (Multi-Purpose)

  • Digitally sign 32- and 64-bit user-mode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap files)
  • Digitally sign code for Microsoft® Office 2000, Microsoft VBA, Netscape Object Signing, and Marimba Channel Signing

Sun Java®

  • Digitally sign .jar files and Java applications for desktop and mobile devices
  • Recognized by Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Adobe® AIR®

  • Digitally sign .air or .airi files
  • Required for all AIR-based applications


  • Digitally sign Apple desktop applications

Microsoft® Office VBA

  • Digitally sign VBA objects, scripts and macros for Microsoft Office .doc, .xls, and .ppt files
  • For Microsoft Office and third-party applications using VBA

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