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SSL123 is an Entry Level Certificate from world’s renowned SSL Certification Authority- Thawte. Thawte SSL123 Certificate validates your domain registration and authorized the purchase of the certificate. Through 128 bits to 256 bits encryption Thawte SSL123 Certificate assures the security of your clients’ information and data on your site.

Thawte SSL123 Certificate has the fastest issuance time in the industry. It can be issued and installed within minutes providing swift encryption connection solutions to your web servers, intranets, mail servers and other web-based applications.

1 Yr.
RRP $149.00
2 Yr.
RRP $259.00
3 Yr.
RRP $399.00
4 Yr.
RRP $1,529.00
5 Yr.
RRP $1,649.00

Thawte Trusted Site Seal is also included in 123SSL Certificate. The display of Thawte Site Seal assures the privacy of your web server to your customers and website visitors. Thawte Trusted Site Seal approves that you take every possible measure to secure online presence of your clients. It strengthens the confidence of your customers and business partners while doing online business transactions with you on your website.

Thawte SSL123 Certificate – an Entry Level Certificate is issued in the fastest possible time. In order to confirm the order, the applicant for SSL123 needs to specify an Authorizing Contact during the enrollment process. To approve the order and to minimize the issuance time providing an Authorizing contact is a must.

Get your web server secure and protect the privacy and information of your customers with Thawte SSL123 Certificate. With 30 days Money Back Guarantee and free re-issues and fastest issuance time of Thawte SSL123 provide maximum security to your site visitors. is Platinum Partner with Thawte– A World Class SSL Certification Authority. Thawte was the first certification authority to issue SSL certificates to business entities outside of US. Within a short span of time Thawte captured the 40% of global SSL certification market on the basis of its reliable and secure SSL Certificates. Thawte branded SSL Certificates provide unsurpassed customer data protection. is the authorized dealer for selling and renewing of Thawte SSL123 Certificate. We provide quick and easy issuance and renewal of Thawte SSL123. We can efficiently and effectively renew your Thawte Certificate that you have bought from us or any other reseller or even directly from the vendor - Thawte.

The support team of offers highest level of technical assistance 24/7. We offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee with all Thawte Certificates that are bought at Our online email validation system saves you from hassle of paper work, offering an efficient and swift SSL solution.

Primary Features:

Brand (Certification Authority) Thawte
Validation Type Domain Validation
Level Entry Level Certificate
Domains Secured Single Domain
Assurance High
Mobile Support Most Devices & Iphones
Re-Issues Free (Self-service Reissues during Validity Period)
Money Back Guarantee $ 5,000
Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days

Technical Features:

Encryption SSL 128 bits to 256 bits
Key Length 2048 bits
Browser Compatibility 99%
Site Seal Type Free Site Seal
Green Bar No
Issuance Time Within Minutes
Installation Time 60 Seconds
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