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VeriSign offers its credible and trustworthy Code Signing Certificates for individuals, organizations and software vendors. VeriSign Code Signing Certificate supports a wide range of platforms, more than any other code signing provider. VeriSign Code Signing Certificate facilitates you in following areas:

  • Increase adoption of software downloads
  • Reduced error messages
  • Lower number of security warnings
  • Protection against downloading of harmful files
  • Maximized distribution of software downloads
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VeriSign Code Certificate provides optimum level protection to software publishers and users. With VeriSign Code Signing Certificate you can create a digital ‘shrink-wrap’ for your code and content. You can assure your customers and website users that your code and content is safe to download, when you get your Code Signing Certificate from VeriSign– the most trusted and widely recognized Certification Authority. Digital signatures are used in VeriSign Code Signing in order to verify the identity of the content creator. These digital signatures also authenticate:

  • Code Source (individual, organization, software vendor)
  • Integrity of Content

With the exponential increase of online distribution, web publishers and web developers are offering wide range of choices and customization options, more than ever before. Web sites, mobile devices and desktop softwares are getting newer and ground-breaking applications, both for work and fun. Without compromising on functionality and security features, every one wants to acquire the latest features.

  • Security warning being ignored by end users while downloading code and content.
  • Software and hardware vendors want to support innovation without compromising their products.
  • Network providers must protect their wireless assets while offering subscribers the latest options.

VeriSign is one of the most trusted Certification Authority in the industry. With more than 80% consumer recognition, VeriSign, offers trustworthy and reliable code signing certificates to end users, networks and software platforms. With VeriSign Code Signing Certificate you can get identity authentication of code source. It also proves the integrity of the content. Following are the justified reasons for acquiring VeriSign Code Signing Certificate:

  • Assure Trusted Code and Content to Your Customers

With a digital ‘shrink-wrap’ of Code Signing you can secure your code and content. This authenticates the identity of the individual/organization responsible for the code and also confirms that the code has not been altered since the signature.

In Code Signing, the developer or software publisher uses a private key to add a digital signature to code or content. Software platforms and applications use a public key to decrypt the signature during download and compare the hash used to sign the application against the hash on the downloaded application. Signed code from a trusted source like VeriSign may be automatically accepted or require the end user to decide whether or not to trust the code. With VeriSign Code Signing you can assure your customers that the code and content are 100% trusted and can be downloaded.

  • Most Recognized Security Brand

VeriSign is one of the most recognized security brand. Over 1 million web servers across the world are secured by VeriSign SSL Certificates. It has the widest and most diverse customer base across the globe more than any other Certification Authority. VeriSigns operates the internet infrastructure that has supported the .com and .net top-level domain names with 100% availability since 1998.

  • Minimize Error Messages and Security Warnings

End users are interrupted with security warnings or error messages if they encounter an unsigned or self signed code. In most cases the applications stops downloading or a warning screen appears that requires their input. With VeriSign Code Signing these security warnings are reduced to minimum level and it increases the adoption and distribution of software downloads.

distribution of software downloads.If the end user encounters a code with VeriSign digital signature, they may never receive a warning, as most systems trust VeriSign that recommends trusting the application and the publisher. However, it also depends on platform, application and the client’s security settings.

  • Establish a Trusted Customer Relationship

VeriSign is a widely recognized security brand on the internet and is trusted by world wide consumers. VeriSign supports a wide range of platforms more than any other code signing provider. With VeriSign Code Signing Certificate you can make your applications harder to falsify and trusted, resultantly you can establish a trusted relationship with your customers.

  • Protect Your Customers with Verifiable Content Integrity

With the use of VeriSign digital signatures you can ensure the integrity of the content and customers will know that the code has not been altered. A security warning will alert the customer or the end user, in case the hash used to sign the application does not match the hash on a downloaded application. The Code Signing will detect even the minor code modification and will warn the end user.

There is also timestamp option that shows when code was signed. This helps the customers to verify that the Code Signing Certificate was valid at the time of the digital signature. VeriSign® Code Signing Portal use a two-step signing process to create a unique digital signature each time code is signed, making each version of code released easier to track and revoke.

  • Acquire An Unrivaled Business Reputation With The Most Ubiquitous Root Certificate

Establishing a trusted business reputation is a must in order to compete with the online business industry. Winning the trust of customers and business partners is the top priority of online business companies. By acquiring your Code Signing Certificate from a trusted CA – VeriSign can surely help you earn an unrivaled business reputation.

Self - signed certificates can just verify the source of content, it cannot protect you against the malware that has been distributed by a malicious party. A Code Signing Certificate from a trusted third party CA ensures reliability and credibility of your content and code.

Software platforms and applications access a “root” certificate while verifying a digital signature. These software platforms and applications then evaluate whether or not to trust the CA that issued the certificate. VeriSign digital signatures are always trusted as VeriSign Root Certificate is preinstalled on most devices and is embedded in most applications.

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