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VeriSign Trust Seal is the ultimate source of winning online credibility. In order to build a trustworthy relation with your business partners and to gain the confidence of your website visitors, VeriSign Trust Seal is a must. With the display of Trust Seal of VeriSign - the most trusted Certification Authority you can verify your identity to your clients and site visitors. VeriSign Trust Seal confirms your identity and verifies you as the rightful owner / operator of the website.

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According to VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2009, VeriSign proudly announces that its Trusted Seal is backed up by the most trusted online security brand. Some key facts and figures about VeriSign and its credible Trust Seal are as follow:

  • 86% Trust Seal recognition rate among consumers
  • VeriSign Trust Seal is displayed 650 Million times/day
  • Trusted by major banks and retailers
  • Trust Seal displayed on 100,000 websites per day
  • Out of 100 largest SSL using Banks 97 rely on VeriSign
  • 81% largest E-commerce sites in North America use VeriSign SSL
  • 93% of the Fortune 500 depends on VeriSign and its Affiliates
  • VeriSign Trust Seal is displayed on internet in 165 countries everyday

The VeriSign Trust Seal is a verification mark that your identity has been approved and verified by VeriSign. It also proves that your website has passed the VeriSign daily malware scan and is free from all malware codes. You can establish a credible and trustworthy online repute with VeriSign Trust Seal.

VeriSign Trust Seal helps you build a trustworthy relation with your customers. It not only strengthens the confidence of your customers and business partners but also help you gain online credibility. VeriSign Trust Seal is being used by all types of websites to prove their credibility and identity. Under mentioned user categories and many others can establish their online integrity with VeriSign Trust Seal:

E-Commerce Websites:

E-commerce websites and online retailers can win customers’ confidence with the display of VeriSign Trust Seal on their websites. With VeriSign Trust Seal mark they can assure a secure payment experience to their clients.

Small Businesses:

Small and new businesses can establish a credible online positioning and assure their legitimacy to their site visitors. VeriSign Trust Seal shows that their business site has been verified by the most trusted Certification Authority – VeriSign.


The success of online publishers greatly depends on internet traffic and the clicks they get. VeriSign Trust Seal facilitate you in drawing traffic by helping you establish your credibility to promote click-throughs.

Sites with Sign-Ins & Sensitive Data

If your website involves sensitive and personal data sharing then you must protect the privacy and security of your customers with a VeriSign SSL Certificate. Assure your site users about your credibility with VeriSign Trust Seal.

Stand-Out in Research Results:

VeriSign Trust Seal help you standout in search results with the display of VeriSign Seal-in-Search. It can give a thriving boost to click rates and can increase traffic of your site.

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