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A Complete Guide On Thawte SSL Certificates – 2021

As we know, an SSL certificate keeps our connection secure while we use the internet. However, the SSL certificate has many types, and many companies are currently issuing SSL certificates. Thawte is on these companies. It is a leading SSL certificate issuer all over the world. They are offering all types of SSL certificates. Some of their products are Wildcard, Domain Validation, SAN, Extended Validation, Organization Validation, and SGC SSL certificates. Therefore, Thawte SSL certificates are reliable and economical. They have experience of 17 years in the field. Its most affordable SSL certificate costs$47 annually.

Thawte is an SSL issuing company from Cape Town (South Africa). Mark Shuttleworth was the founder of this company. At that time, it was the first SSL issuing company outside the USA. Thawte is now a subsidiary of Symantec. The company is now the 5th largest SSL certificate authority in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted certificate authority, Thawte is worth trying.

Does Your Business Site Need an SSL?

An SSL certificate is necessary for every website. As we know, an SSL certificate can secure a website from online threats. Therefore, we will here discuss some reasons for securing your website with an SSL certificate.

  • It encrypts the connection between a website and its users.
  • An SSL certificate can protect your information against hackers.
  • From 2018, Google starts declaring non HTTPS websites as insecure.
  • Without an SSL certificate, you cannot have HTTPS.
  • By securing your website with an SSL certificate, you can win the trust of your customers.
  • An SSL certificate protects the private information of your customer.
  • If you have activated the password protection on your website, it will hide the entered passwords.
  • It can also improve SEO.
  • An SSL certificate can keep the information of your customer secure if the user enters it in online forms.

Main Features of Thawte SSL certificate

Thawte SSL certificate price package depends on the following factors,

  1. Type of the certificate as per your requirement
  2. Duration of the validity of the certificate

However, Thawte also offers some exclusive features for some special Thawte SSL certificates. All of Thawte SSL certificates are issued with a three-week trial version to test it on your website. This free version of the Thawte SSL certificate has all the features like 99% browser compatibility, Thawte site seal logo, and a fully secured HTTPS domain. Besides, Thawte SSL certificate users will receive reminders about the expiry date of the certificate.

How Thawte SSL Certificate Different from Others?

Thawte SSL certificate has some predominant features that make it different from other competitors. Therefore, we will discuss some of these features below.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal

Thawte SSL certificate offers a trusted site seal that is recognized trust mark all over the world. It is available in 18 different languages. This seal is included in the paid package of a Thawte SSL certificate.

Thawte SSL Certificate Center

The Thawte SSL certificate package provides you full access to the Thawte certificate center. Therefore, it helps you manage and purchase the Thawte SSL certificate easier through its online portal. The Thawte certificate center offers a centralized management portal, faster enrollment, and personalized attention.

Unlimited Server Licensing

Unlimited SSL server licensing is a fundamental feature of the Thawte SSL certificate. This service enables an SSL certificate to protect multiple servers without extra licenses for each device.

Free Reissue

You need to reissue the SSL certificate after its expiry. However, most of the certificate authorities charge you for the reissue of an SSL certificate. But, the Thawte certificate authority offers you a free reissue of your SSL certificate.

Access to SSL/TLS tools

Unlike other certificate authorities, Thawte SSL certificate authority provides you extended access to some useful SSL/TLS tools. This feature is very beneficial for ensuring trusted services.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is another factor to consider while buying an SSL certificate. However, most of the SSL certificates do not have compatibility with all browsers. But, the Thawte SSL certificate is compatible with 99% of browsers. It is compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Mini, and many others.

Industry-Leading Tech Support

Thawte certificate authority is providing the best technical support service to its customers. For this reason, it is the 5th largest certificate authority in the world.

Encryption Technology

The Thawte is offering SSL certificates with the most effective encryption technology. This encryption technology helps to protect the secrecy of the user by using 256-bit encryption. 256-bit encryption is the most effective type of encryption which is why the Thawte SSL certificate uses it.


The Thawte offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its SSL certificates. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the services of the Thawte, you can reverse your subscription within a month.

How Does Thawte Keep Any Site Secure?

Thawte SSL certificate provides unbelievable assurance and satisfaction. All of the Thawte SSL certificates are developed using the most effective encryption technology. A Thawte SSL certificate encodes your website with 256-bit encoding.

In fact, that is the reason why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on each of their SSL certificate. For this reason, they are a trustworthy Certificate Authority all over the globe.

Types of Thawte SSL Certificates

The Thawte is offering three main types of SSL certificates, which are renewed automatically. However, you can also apply for a long-term plan. The Thawte does offer SSL certificates with an expiry period of two to three years. The SSL certificate types which Thawte is offering are,

  1. SSL 123
  2. SSL Webserver with EV
  3. And SSL Web Server

In the case of multiple subdomains validation, Thawte is offering an SSL Web Server Wildcard SSL certificate.

The Final Words

To conclude, when it comes to managing multiple domains using one SSL certificate, Thawte is offering the best solution to this problem. However, the multiple SSL certificates by Thawte are very extensive. Moreover, Thawte is offering a wide range of SSL certificates, according to your budget and requirement. Some of these digital certificates are EV authentication, domain-level validation, or a Wildcard SSL. Thawte is a trustworthy certificate-issuing authority, and you can rely on them if you are looking for quality and secure service for your business.

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