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An SSL certificate is a tool that keeps our connection secure while using the internet. There are many companies issuing SSL certificates of different types. GeoTrust is on these companies. It is one of the largest brands in the SSL certificate industry. They are dealing in all kinds of SSL certificates. Wildcard, Domain Validation, SAN, Extended Validation, and Organization Validation SSL certificates are some of their products. GeoTrust SSL certificates are secure and cost-effective. However, the most affordable GeoTrust SSL certificate costs around $68.50 annually.

GeoTrust is an SSL issuing company from California(USA). The company was initially established in 1990. But, in 2001, GeoTrust entered the SSL industry. However, in 2006 it was bought by VeriSign. Later it became the property of Symantec. Therefore, GeoTrust is one of the largest groups of SSL certificate issuers, and It has over 110,000 customers worldwide.

Does Your Business Site Need a Geotrust SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is an important tool for all types of websites. An SSL certificate can ensure the security of a website from hackers. Therefore, we will here discuss, why does your business website needs an SSL?

  • Because it ensures secure correspondence between a website and its users.
  • An SSL certificate secures your user’s data from online threats.
  • Google is not accepting websites without an SSL certificate.
  • For HTTPS, you need to have an SSL certificate.
  • Securing your website is the key to develop trust between you and your customer.
  • It can also improve SEO.
  • An SSL certificate can secure the data of your customers during the filling of online forms.

Predominant Features of Geotrust SSL Certificate

GeoTrust SSL certificate offers many useful features that make it worth trying. However, we will here discuss some of these features only.

Highest Level of Encryption

GeoTrust is using the highest level of encryption for its certificates. They use a 2048-bit length for the certificates and a 256-bit length for the encryption key. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a hacker to break into your data because all the GeoTrust SSL certificates use the 2048-bit root.

GeoTrust Trusted Website Seal

GeoTrust SSL certificate has a unique feature of a trusted website seal. The seal is an approved mark worldwide. You can avail the GeoTrust trusted website seal in the premium package of a GeoTrust SSL certificate.

Free Reissue of the SSL Certificate

Every SSL certificate has an expiry date. Certificate Authorities charge a fee on the reissue of a certificate. However, like other Symantec Certificate Authorities, GeoTrust also offers a free reissue of an SSL certificate. It is a great advantage from the financial point of view.

Browser Compatibility

When you buy an SSL certificate, you want it to be compatible with all browsers. But many SSL certificates have browser compatibility issues. GeoTrust SSL certificates are compatible with almost all desktop and mobile phone browsers.

Padlock Logo

GeoTrust SSL certificate offers an HTTPS:// URL along with a padlock logo on its websites. You can see the padlock logo near the address bar. This logo helps you establish a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Validity Period

All the SSL certificates expire after one year, and you need to renew them. But with the GeoTrust SSL certificate, you can choose a plan of one to three years’ validity period.

Customer Support

GeoTrust is offering one of the best customer services in the SSL certificate industry. Their staff is always available for your help and guidance. You can get help from SSL certificate experts through its customer service free of cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

The GeoTrust is also offering a money-back guarantee on its products. If you are not satisfied with the services of GeoTrust, you can reverse your subscription within a month. Similarly, GeoTrust will return your subscription fee within a month.

Unlimited Server Licensing

Most of the Certificate Authorities do not offer unlimited server licensing.

Unlimited SSL server licensing is a key feature of the GeoTrust SSL certificate. With a GeoTrust SSL certificate, you can protect more than one server without any additional charges.

Types of the Geotrust SSL Certificate

GeoTrust is offering various kinds of digital certificates for an individual to large-scale enterprise. For this reason, we will discuss some of these types below.

Single-Domain Certificate

This type of GeoTrust SSL certificate only protects only one subdomain in a domain. Therefore, it is a good choice if your website is a single domain.

Wildcard Certificate

For managing multiple subdomains, you can choose a Wildcard certificate.

Multi-Domain Certificate

If your website is consisting of more than one domain, GeoTrust’s Multi-Domain certificate is the solution to your problem.

Extended Validation Certificate

An EV SSL certificates are among the best and reliable SSL certificates for your business. If you desire more than encryption and security, you can choose a GeoTrust Extended Validation certificate. Therefore, a website equipped with an Extended Validation certificate will have an HTTPS URL and a padlock right next to the address bar.

Authentic BusinessID with EV SSL

It is a 256-bit SSL certificate. You can acquire it within 3 working days. Its key feature is the green bar of address that your customers can see near the name of your domain. This green address bar helps you to develop trust in your customers. You can protect as many as twenty-five domains with it.

Other Business Certificates

This GeoTrust SSL certificate offers a similar function to an EV SSL certificate except for the green address bar. But it will show a golden padlock near the name of the domain. Besides, you cannot encrypt multiple domains with it. However, you can protect more than one hostname on a single domain. You can acquire it within one day.


With a SAN GeoTrust SSL certificate, you can secure additional domains with a single SSL certificate. However, you may need to use it with an Extended Validation or authentic BusinessID SSLs.


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