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Secure your software with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate
Code is susceptible to malicious acts as scams are increasing day by day.If you're a commercial software publisher who distributes code or content over the web, than it is high time for you to get protected.For a business, getting tarnished reputation is the worst thing. It can result in low sales and losing customers. Safeguard your reputation with Comodo Code Signing Digital IDs for Microsoft Authenticode. Your Digital ID will be acting like a business license. This will be giving your users the same reassurance they'd have if your software was protected by digital shrink wrap.

How Authenticode works with Comodo Digital IDs?
The first thing that comes in mind of many people that hoe can they be sure that code coming from you is unchanged and not corrupted? One of the most easiest way is to get Comodo Code Signing Certificate for this purpose. In this way,users can confidently download digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit Portable Executable (.exe, .ocx, .dll or other) or .cab files. The digital signature depict that your information is correct. Plus, it in suh price that you will love!

Authenticode is based on well-written and proved, industry standard cryptography protocols like X.509 v3 certificates and PKCS #7 and #10 signature standards. While utilizing the feature of digital signature technology to confirm integrity for users, a cryptographic digest are used by Authenticode protocols, a one-way hash of the document which saves time.

What is Code Signing?
As long as there is a shrink wrap on the purchased software, you don’t question about the integrity of software. Still you might have doubts at the time of downloading digitally signed Active X controls, dynamic link libraries, .cab files or HTML content from your site? This is where you need to give confidence and the customers should be sure that you are the actual source and they have received a code that has not been tampered.

Microsoft's Authenticode technology along with Digital IDs that is offered with Comodo Code Signing Certificate. This will enable you to include your information in your digital signature. If for any reason, any foul play has occurred, there will be automatic breaking of signature and this will alert customer about the code has been corrupted.

When users download software that is secured with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate and issuing authority is Comodo Certificate Authority then they are sure of two things:

• Content Source: It is very easy for users to verify the software and they are sure that it comes from the publisher who signed it.
• Content Integrity: End users are able to verify the software and it has not been changed since it was signed.

Along with the accountability factor, if there is any event of malicious activity on software, users have resources against the publisher, this is an act to reduce the risk of destructive code. Code Signing Certificates help Developers and Web Masters build strong trusted relationships. This includes ActiveXT controls and other signed executables to build remarkable website pages. A Comodo Code Signing Certificate secures software content and this also includes software objects, macros, firmware images, virus updates, device drivers and configuration files that are to be downloaded through the Internet. This is done by simple appending of digital signature to the executable code. In this way, no real change to the code itself is required. It is the best way to enable users and provide them the comfort level they need. They are sure that you are the original source of the code and not a single bit of code has been jeopardized, while the integrity of the code in intact.

Digital signatures are made by use of a check and balance type of system that implicates a key pair. This key pair is made of a private key that is known to the owner and a public key. Both of them are required since the private key is utilized to generate the signature, at the same time the public key is used to validate it.

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Please note: Complete Telephone Verification is required to use this product. For new customers/orders, Comodo requires either a Dun and Bradstreet, listing, or a Legal Opinion Letter to complete telephone verification. This is required for customers/orders after October 6th, 2016. Other third party telephone directories which may include will not be accepted after this date. If, for any reason, you cannot complete these options, please contact support at as we can offer other solutions that may be easier for you to complete.

Features and Benefits Comodo Code Signing Digital ID
• Enable your customers to enjoy the peace of mind as the integrity of the code will remain intact.
• Digital IDs allow your customers to confirm that you are the actual author. In addition to this, they will be able to contact if there are any questions.
• Majority of the browsers do not allow commands from download code without Digital ID and signature from Comodo, the most trusted Authority.
• User-friendly tools are present in Code Signing Certificates which can create products, macros and objects.
• Digital signs for Microsoft 32-bit/64-bit.exe,.dll,.cab and .exe files and kernel mode software
• Enable to sign Mobile Platform such as Windows Mobile, Android and Apple.
• Permit to sign Desktop Platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode, Brew and adobe.
• 24.7 email support
• Unlimited Signing with valid code signing certificate

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