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No charges for vulnerability assessment with Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark all inclusive of Daily Vulnerability Scan The Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark assists both website owners and their online customers. Site owners will really apreciate the sophisticated tools that help in site security update and confirm PCI Compliance. Tools like SiteInspector protect the site with the latest techniques of security keep hackers away. From a customer perspective, research shows that visual signs of safety provide them trust which leads to multiplied conversions. The interactive Comodo Trust Mark gives visitors scanning details and this confirms to the activity of HackerProof's behind-the-scenes daily scanning engine. This will enable the visitors to all the confidence that they need to proceed to the checkout.

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Comodo Trust Mark Features and Benefits
• Detailed reports can be created through Scanning Process
• PCI Compliance Checking is done through Site inspector

• The superior Trust Mark that is inclusive of one-of-kind technology to build visual trust with online visitors-this is all from world’s industry leader.
• Daily vulnerability scanning to alert for any security gaps.
• Automated business intelligence that is able to analyze your visitors via user-friendly web-based management tool
• Daily background scanning feature

Is your Comodo HackerProof TrustMark is accepted as a trusted brand all around the world?
Comodo TrustMark is equal to security and trust for more than 100 million people around the globe.

Can you perform test with Comodo TrustMark for free ? To check if the sales are increasing or not? To accommodate uses,we have patent pending technology. There might not be any requirement to make any changes in your site layout. There might be other trustmarks that might be tough to position in a prime. This is visible location to the Comodo HackerProof TrustMark is in clear view for your site visitors enabling them immediate reassurance.

What in other way does the Comodo TrustMark provider strengthen and reinforce the brand and enhance a sense of trust and security with site visitors?

You will not be able to find a company with more committed, or appreciated, by site owners and Internet users for providing highly trusted online security solutions. Merchants look upon the Comodo's sophisticated SSL Certificates and their untiring mission to protect merchants, their respective customers and sensitive data that is sent through online transactions.

Is any help available for the Comodo HackerProof TrustMark?
Yes, Comodo is known in the world for outstanding customer care. Luckily, there is seldom need of support, but fast answers and support are always available through Comodo's professionals and experienced team of experts.

How will I know if malware is found on my site?
One first, visual sign that depicts malware presence is that the Comodo TrustMark will not display. You will then be given alert via email with detailed directions, you will be given steps on how to sign into the End User Portal. This will let you find out which pages are infected and will pin-point that what code is at risk. You can delete the problem code and schedule to re-scan within 24 hours. Once the scan validates that everything is up to the mark then you will see the seal reappear on your site.

How Comodo TrustMark give my customers confidence?
Online customers are being more and more knowledgeable and know how to spot safe websites. Upon seeing Comodo TrustMark on your site, they immediately know that you've taken steps to protect their information. This shows that your site has been successfully scanned in the last 24 hours.

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